What is SQ3R? A Definition for Teachers and Students

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We see many students facing difficulties in retaining what they have learned. Almost 80 students among 100 students face such problems. To overcome this issue SQ3R learning strategy has been formed. 

It helps students to retain and understand what they have learned. It is designed especially for students, and students can use this strategy at the time of reading. Students can easily be able to focus on more minor details to more extensive information. 

SQ3R is not only beneficial for the students, but teachers are also equally benefited from these strategies. Teachers using the best app for online classes can use this strategy to improve their teaching or make their teaching more effective. 

Now, let's have a look at what SQ3R means?

The Definition

SQ3R is a strategy used for a better understanding of the subject through step-by-step methods. There are a total of 5 steps involved in SQ3R. These are- 

  • Survey
  • Question
  • Read
  • Recall 
  • Review.

All the steps mentioned above help students in their compelling reading and a better understanding of the topic. It also helps to develop a better concept of the topic or the subject.

Now, let's see and understand these steps one by one. 

Survey- A survey gives a rough idea of the topic. In survey students, go through the topic, headings given the chapters, subheadings, pictures, etc., to better understand the subject. Summaries at the end of any chapter help students better understand what the author conveys in a particular chapter. Based on this idea, students can make notes. Students are advised to keenly notice all the bold letters, heading, pictures, etc. These are the fundamental things while learning. 

Question- In this involves the conversion of headings into questions. For example, if the title given is 'photosynthesis,' then the question formed will be " what is photosynthesis?". In this step, the student's primary focus will be on the heading and how to develop a meaningful question from that heading—using the words such as who, what, and how will help form suitable questions. To make reading more efficient and effective, students can include questions such as what knowledge I have about the topic? Where am I lacking? What things am I missing? What is the topic all about? and many more. It helps students to develop more interest in reading the topics. 

Read- in the reading section, and the students were asked to read out the questions and answer them. No literary language is required while answering the questions. Students can quickly respond in their own words. That will help them to understand and memorize the topic very well. Some areas are challenging to understand and are complex, but reading the topic, again and again, makes it easy to understand even the complex topics. Students need to highlight the main words. The best way to read the comprehension is to divide them into small parts. Reading helps in searching for the answers more efficiently and also helps in better preparation. 

Recall- For better results, it is vital to recall whatever you have read so far. The best way to recall things is by keeping the textbook aside. Close the book and try to recall everything you have learned so far. Try to recall all the essential words. Remembering the topics gives better results, so try to remember the topics rather than wasting your time reading the topics. Students can take the help of their parents or siblings and explain everything to them. It will help students to recall things for a much longer time

Review- After recalling, reviewing is the most important thing. It is essential to check how much the student is successful in remembering the topics. It is crucial to picturise the whole topic in your mind. Self-assessment is critical. So! Students are required to self-assist themselves and establish a connection between their studying and the classroom notes; for recalling a longer duration, students were supposed to go through the topic and revise it at least once a week. 

Final Words

For those students who are willing to improve their learning, SQ3R is the best approach. The five steps involved in this will help you to learn and recall things very quickly. Notes that students make throughout their learning with the LMS will help them later at the exam time. 

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