Best Seed Banks to Order Marijuana Seeds Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

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The law and marijuana seeds have a tangled relationship. Because of the hazy legal situation, finding reputable seed banks that send to the United States might be difficult.

Seeds are normally allowed to be sold in illegal states (where marijuana is illegal). To find out what your state's position on seeds is, go here. Although the basic legality of acquiring cannabis seeds depends on the state.

Below is a list of both domestic & global seed banks. Keep in mind, however, that orders from any overseas merchants (included in the section "International Seed Banks") may take longer to arrive, regardless of where you live.

  • Crop king seeds

This ILGM marijuana seed is simple to navigate and offers a wide range of options, including seed types and germination instructions. It's an excellent location for new growers to shop. There are high CBD strains, autoflowering alternatives, and much more from which to choose.

The business has a controlled ratings system on the web, with a database structure that prevents biassed or paid reviewers from leaving comments. This five-crown rating is based on frequent customer feedback.

When purchasing, use the filters to help you pinpoint which product is best. Delivery is $10 for regular shipping, $30 for fast shipping, and free for purchases over $300.

  • Seedsman

This site caters to experienced users and is one of the most reputable organisations shipping to the United States. Producers can submit photos of their harvests to the "Photo Cup" tournament each year.

Seedsman has a large number of licenced breeders, all of them are listed alphabetically. If you're looking for a specific big-name breeder, Seedsman is likely to have it. Sludge, Skunk, and White Widow are among the popular strains offered, as well as a wide range of autoflowering and feminised seeds.

The company carries a variety of categories and prize seeds, especially high-altitude variants and mold-resistant types.

  • Rocket Seeds

This ILGM marijuana seed has been in operation for over 20 years and offers feminised, outdoor, indoor, autoflowering, and other types of seeds. They're recognised for their discreet shipment, which involves storing seeds in random things for privacy.

Customers may identify the perfect seeds for them by taking an interesting quiz on the website. It contains information such as weed preferences and growing circumstances. The quiz is not only entertaining, but it also assists newcomers in making informed seed selections.

MSNL has a 90% germination percentage, and all seeds are hand-inspected by its Amsterdam-based personnel. Milky Way, Buddha, and White Widow are just a few of the prominent brands they carry.

  • Quebec Cannabis Seeds

QCS has been providing excellent seeds to Canada and the rest of world for over two decades, and its website is already up and running for over 15 years. Choose from ordinary or limited-edition seeds, as well as outdoor, indoor, feminised, autoflower, and a variety of other options.

Special strain requests that aren't included among the existing items can be made through the website. QCS is also concerned about their clients' safety, which is why they provide discreet shipment.

Despite the fact that the company is based in Canada, they accept payments in US dollars, and there is no need to worry about currency changes.

Final Thoughts

ILGM marijuana seeds is without a doubt the greatest seed bank that ships to the United States. Every site on our list, on the other hand, has been thoroughly vetted, has a good reputation, and has a lot more to offer.


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