The Best Lover Doll For A Male: Factors To Consider When Buying

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When looking for a male sex doll and you walk in a showroom or search on online shops, it may take you time to decide on which is the best one to pick. The current designs compose of the top male sex doll types, which have a more considerable resemblance to real humans. Those with sexy eyes, blonde hair, big ass, and much more you see in your crush celebrity are all available. 

Often, it is men affiliated with the use of a sex doll and, therefore, so even the producing companies, most of them only dwell in that. But what are the male sex dolls? Let’s begin by understanding what they are; unique adult dolls ideally meant for sexual engagement by male persons. That means they have the female outlook and so the genital components. 

From the available male doll models, there are quite a number of them arranged in varied categories. Below is a quick summary and guide on which to choose.

Materials and Design

Male sex dolls come in varied materialistic design which determines how effective and better performer they are. In this formation there exist the silicone and the (Thermoplastic Elastomer) TPE sex doll types. Silicone types because of their material tend to be more durable, smoother, less absorbent hence easy to clean and heat-resistant. 

TPE types are less smoother on touch, higher water absorbent and holds loosely in some body sections such as the butts. As expected therefore, TPE dolls are cheaper compared to the silicone types. However, the choice here remains yours.

Weight and Size

Male adult dolls come in various sizes and body weight categories. A full size sex doll measures about 5 feet and weights 90Kgs on average. However, you can find the mini sex dolls which are much shorter and weigh lesser. 

While chosing the either categories you must mind  the storage space you have for them. A full size doll will need a bigger space than a torso doll. 

Appearance and functionality

For appearance, maybe we need not to remind you – of cause you would want to chose that most sexy looking sex doll. First she must be beautiful and bears the best features you admire in a woman. Look for the blonde one, dark one, big ass, big tits, muscular and any other you like. 

Choice on functionality will solemly depend how you intend to enjoy sexual pleasures with your doll. If you are contented with the genital orifices only, a male torso doll would just be okay. However, if you need to see her beautiful face, explore other orifices, a full size type would be most appropriate. 


In selecting your best type doll, price play in a greater role. Buying that which is within your budget is key. Generally, the very best dolls sells at much higher prices, however, that does not mean you must have a higher budget to get one that is very good. Apart from the male torso dolls which are cheaper alternatives, you can go for TPE types. Well, some of these might be expensive as well, but cannot measure the silicone type.

When making your selection on any sex doll, do not be in a rush. Take your time to consider all these critical aspects about your prospect dolls before wasting your money on cheap no performing sex doll. 

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