Vape Buyers Guide

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Vaping has become very popular in recent years, with most smokers shifting to vaping from traditional smoking. It has gained popularity in the mainstream, and the industry is growing day by day and becoming a huge sensation. But with the wide variety of vapes available on top sites like, newcomers might feel overwhelmed while choosing their first device. Vape culture can be pretty intimidating for someone new to it, so it is essential to follow a good guide if you are playing on buying your first vape. There are many terms and techniques involved with vaping, and if you are a beginner, you are indeed not aware of them. This guide will help educate you on the various terms and components that impose the vaping culture and help you transition from a newbie to a professional. To start with, all vaporizers consist of three main components that include e-juice or the liquid that we vape, the tank where the thee-juice is put, and the mod or the battery, which acts as the power source. 

Anatomy Of A Vapourizer

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A vaping tank is an essential part of the vaporizer, and it is where you load the vaping liquid. And it usually comprises of three components which include:

The Drip Tip

it is a part of the vape that comes in contact with your mouth. These are typically made from heat-resistant plastic or metal and are manufactured by three-party companies. These are easy to remove and interchangeable, and you can easily customize the look of the vape if you want. Some people prefer drip tips with large openings to offer a more significant draw, whereas others prefer smaller spaces for a smooth and controlled throat hit. 

The Tank Chamber

The vape section where the e-liquid is loaded is known as the tank chamber. These are generally made from various materials like glass, stainless steel, and titanium. Some tanks allow top filling, whereas others offer bottom filling. In most cases, the leading full tanks are easier to fill as you don't need to remove the tank from the mod while refilling, which makes them more convenient. On the other hand, when using the bottom filling tanks, you need to remove it from the battery to refill the vape. Most of the tanks available on also offer airflow control rings near the tank base that allows you to adjust the airflow resistance according to your preference. 

Atomizer Or Coil

The atomizer is commonly referred to as the coil, and it is the part of the vaporizer that leads to the formation of the vapor. The atomizer consists of a coil wrapped around a piece of cotton, and as you take a drag, the e-liquid is pulled from the tank chamber to the cotton, which heats the coil inside the atomizer, which leads to vaporization. These are disposable and you can replace them within a few weeks. To get the best result, it is necessary to choose the ones with lower ohm as it offers more power to heat the coil, which provides a better vapor production. 

Conclusively these are a few points you need to remember while buying vaporizers. 

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