How to Make Your Nike Air Force 1 Still Look Brand New

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Just like living things, no shoe lasts forever. Creasing and oxidation will eventually force you to replace your Air Force 1. However, you can increase the lifespan of the shoe by following some simple guidelines that will keep your Air force sneaker looking new. Nike Air Force is quite costly. It is natural for you to want to wear it for a while before replacing the pair. Keeping these classy sneakers looking brand new for a long time is a little bit challenging for most people.


Nike Af1 is an iconic shoe. It is a “cultural crime” not to care for a pair of these stylish sneakers. Taking care of a pair of sneakers is not rocket science. It is as simple as keeping them clean and maintaining the shape. 


Nike Air Force full white is the regular victim of a lack of TLC (Tender Loving Care).  Nowadays it is common to spot guys with dirty or stained sneaker. Some people even claim it is a style. If it is a style, Nike should launch a new dirty shoe. Don’t you think so? 


Don’t follow this ridiculous lie. Instead, follow these few tips from 161 Chua Lang, Hanoi on how you can keep  Giày Nike Air Force 1 replica sneakers clean and brand new.


Avoid tying your shoelaces with tight knots


Tying your shoes tightly chokes the shape out of the shoe and causes creasing. It destroys the outline of the shoe quickly and the shoe loses its identity. Tight Air Forces don’t look flattering at all.


If possible, do not tie your pair of sneakers. If you cannot do without the laces, tie loose knots that maintain the shape of the shoe. Another good idea is to buy the right size that perfectly fits your foot.


Paper-stuff your shoes when storing them


Stuffing helps to retain the shape and form of the shoe while also protecting the leather from creasing or cracking. Do not use printed paper especially if you do not plan to wear the sneaker anytime soon. Printed papers may get ink on the shoe.


Make use of shoe protector sprays


Spray protectors keep shoes in good condition by creating an aerated barrier keeping the shoe fresh and free of stains. Wash your Air force first before spraying them with a protectant but don’t soak the shoe in the spray. Lightly spray the shoes by keeping them 5 inches away from the spray bottle. Let the sneaker dry for twenty minutes before storing them.


Proper cleaning is important

Even though regular cleaning keeps giày af1 full trắng looking new, you might end up destroying the shoes if the cleaning is not done properly. To clean your shoes always white properly:


  • Use a solution of warm water and a laundry detergent
  • Use a moderately soft toothbrush to scrub the surface with gentle circular motions
  • With a damp washcloth, wipe the soapy water off the shoes and dry them with a dry cloth
  • Let the shoes dry for about 15 minutes
  • Spray the shoes with a shoe protector spray and let them dry before putting them on again
  • Don’t forget to wash the soles and the laces too.


Note. When washing the Air Force 1 logos, be gentle, the logos fray easily if it meets a hard brush.


Don’t skip cleaning


Never wait too long before cleaning your Air Force 1 sneakers. The longer you wait before cleaning, the harder it will be to clean. You also risk the shoes sticking with permanent stains and spots that won’t clean away.


Wipe the shoes between wears and deep cleaning after a few or one wear depending on how dirty they are.


1. Use crease protectors


Crease protectors reduce creasing that occurs in the front part of the Air Force 1. You can either use cardboard cutouts as crease protectors or alternatively use force field crease protectors. Cardboard cutouts are the best option when storing your Air Force 1’s for a long time.


2. Remove the tissue paper in the original box when storing your sneakers in the box


It might be a myth or a fact, but some people believe the original tissue paper cause oxidation. Oxidation is when white Air Force 1’s start yellowing. You can do a DIY experiment to confirm this hypothesis if you can afford to. If you are a curious person or cannot afford the risk, toss the original tissue that comes with the packaging box if you plan to store your shoes there.


Since its introduction in the 1980s, the Nike Air Force 1 has grown to be the most admired sneaker brand. Every style-oriented person dreams of owning a pair or two. The challenge comes in keeping the shoes in good condition for a long time, considering how costly the sneakers are. Thanks to the tips from Shopgiayreplica, you can now prolong your sneaker life span with minimal effort.


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